Getting to the bottom of things

Career guidance is something that is available to all school leavers, right? The answer to that question is yes, but what we mean buy career guidance in our world differs massively from what is available in a typical school.

As human beings, we often take one of 3 roads – we either go after our dream (but aren’t necessarily always sure why this is or what we want). Another alternative is following in the footsteps of our parents. Or choice number 3, where we let life happen to us and take the approach of “see what happens”. Having worked with thousands of individuals, we know that none of these options is perfect. Of course, some strike lucky and do happen to love what they do. However, there is an awful lot of people out there for whom work is a necessity, who live for the weekends and the holidays and who at the end of it all feel unfulfilled. And there is nothing worse than when this happens to a young person filled with potential, simply because they were going in blind and didn’t get the help they deserved.

Our career guidance follows the process detailed below.

Step 1

Everything we do starts with a profile. Done completely electronically, a combination of 3 assessments will tell us where to begin and how to best guide a young person. 

Step 2

Analysis of the profile will reveal their preferred style, as well as occupational and personal preferences. This will form the basis of further one on one work.

Step 3

A discussion (with or without a parent in attendance) then explores possible routes to achieve integration of their predisposition and capability.

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Help them make the right decision