Cultural Awareness

When there is a disconnect between an individual’s style and a company culture, this usually causes friction and has a significant impact on cooperation and well-being amongst staff. With consequences such as low morale, decreased motivation and productivity, it can also lead to resignations and general unrest. It is therefore imperative, for everyone’s sake, that cooperation and understanding are the foundations we build on. Our one to one work addresses the specific needs and creates a person with better interpersonal skills and greater awareness of their colleagues.

Step 1

Everything always starts with the completion of our 3 online assessments. This provides us with a starting point as well as a benchmark to see how effective our sessions were.

Step 2

Understanding a person’s temperament gives us valuable insight into how someone is likely to react to feedback. We’re all wired differently and respond to stressful information in our own way. It’s important to work out what a person’s identity triggers are (as opposed to truth triggers or relationship triggers). Human beings handle advice more effectively if they have a growth mindset, where feedback is seen as valuable information.

Step 3

Subsequent developments will look at dangerous or unusual attitudes that hold people back. This involves identifying people’s fears and quantifying the emotional broadcast that they give off. Once they know what they’re dealing with, they are better placed to manage their frailties. 

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