Recruitment & Selection

In the early days, Elenchus only provided one type of report – the Occupational Summary. Whilst this continues to be an excellent reference check and provides an accurate overview of a person’s style, we realised that we were regularly producing these reports on people that were unsuitable for the position they applied for. This seemed to be inefficient both for us and the recipient of the report. It occurred to us that by breaking down a role into its constituent parts and assigning ideal ranges for each factor, a decision became very apparent.



There are typically 5 to 7 key parameters that determine a person’s suitability for a role. There are clearly decipherable patterns that predict a person’s likely future performance in any given role. In order to understand how this concept works, please have a look at our explainer video below.

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Executive Summary

In order to aid the decision-making process, we also provide an executive summary which provides the reader with a rating and a graphical representation of the results.

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Interview Questions

Based on the individual’s results, possible interview questions are included at the end of the report in order to elicit more information on the areas of concern.