Monkeys & Rhinos

Monkeys & Rhinos is an alternative take on the idea of human personality. There are six unique sets of personality traits and each set is represented by an animal. This simplified but rather accurate concept enables individuals with no knowledge of psychometrics to intuitively understand the idea.

The six animal types are monkeys, rhinos, deers, owls, butterflies and giraffes.

To demonstrate this, consider the following – when it comes to butterflies, they are typically quite chatty and sociable but also have a tendency to flit from one thing to another. They can therefore have difficulty finding an abiding interest.  Rhinos, on the other hand, will come across as strong-minded, determined and forceful characters. They go after their goal, not really worrying too much about whose toes they may step on in the process (popularity is of little concern to them).

It is natural for a person to assume that others are similar to them. However, as the example above demonstrates, a rhino’s efficiency and directness would likely be perceived as rudeness by a butterfly.

Once we have awareness of the different animal types, it is fairly simple to categorise the people we meet or already know. By “decoding” people in this way, we can adjust our expectations, eliminate misinterpretation and therefore strengthen the bonds between individuals.

Where previously we would get upset, going forward we’ll recognise that behaviours are a manifestation of one’s personality (think of this as being part of their DNA) and therefore shouldn’t be taken personally.