Career Guidance

In your mid 40s and questioning what life has in store? Contemplating University and want to ensure you’re going down the right path? Whatever your situation, we provide guidance and give you  the confidence to make the right choice.

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Young Adults

As a parent, you want your offspring to choose the right path and it can be very difficult to know where their predisposition lies. Profiling allows you to gain a better appreciation and define the inherent occupational preferences that should be taken into consideration. We are uniquely positioned to offer this advice; having operated across a wide range of industries and with an intimate knowledge of what employers require. (We are also completely unbiased; conversations around this subject are often better received when coming from the neutral standpoint.)

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Where are you in your career? Do you have that sinking feeling that whatever you are doing isn’t quite right for you? There are various reasons why that may be the case and it all starts with understanding your profile. Based upon that, we can then determine what’s required. Is it a simple tweak or do you need to transition substantially? Detailed discussions normally get to the bottom of the issue.

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