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Is your Business Resilient Enough?

Companies will need to re-focus their energy and efforts, in order to navigate the extreme conditions we are currently encountering. This is unknown territory for most of us, but previous experience dealing with adversity dictates that the whole business gets behind and trusts the direction that’s been identified; whilst adopting a flexible approach when it comes to negotiating the terrain ahead.

What sort of people will your business need in these challenging times?

There is an old adage – that when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  Resilience, or bounce back ability as it is sometimes known is an indication of how easily someone will cope with difficulties and not be daunted by the scale of the challenge that faces them. They relish the obstacles and barriers because they see them as opportunities to demonstrate what can be achieved. Goal oriented, determined characters such as this take ownership of situations, they don’t rely on others too much, nor do they blame or criticise when things don’t pan out as expected. To them failure is progress, because they now know another way that doesn’t work.

How do you find these essential qualities, within your workforce?

Listen to those who say the least; this is often a good place to start. The kind of people you are going to need, don’t walk down the road looking as though they own the road. The personalities you want don’t care who owns the road, as long as it gets them to where they need to be. Look out for the employee who is outcome oriented. They like to measure or gauge their progress and are ‘never blooming satisfied’ with the progress they have made. They don’t shout about their achievements, preferring to let the results speak for themselves. Strategic thinkers of this type have another dimension they can call upon. They are tuned-in to their work and don’t just turn up on time and go home on time. Their vocation is much more important. These are the men and women who will dig you out of the mire!

Do you need some help spotting these particular characteristics?

Existing clients will have this data on some of their key people (from the profiling we carried out previously). Yes, we can ‘reverse engineer’ our reports; to help you identify these essential qualities, which you are going to need going forward.

Isn’t this the time to be looking at the people we don’t have a profile for? Can you afford to rely on gut feel or will you be guided by the science as the politicians are telling us?

Be more resilient as a business, by using our pattern recognition methods.  Elenchus Approach works to

  • Identify the key attributes of your people
  • Capitalise on their hidden strengths
  •  Manage around their inherent weaknesses

Find the real potential within your business! 

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