Key People Diagnostic

The Elenchus Matrix is a mechanism that enables us to decipher the patterns and understand the current make up of a team. It highlights areas of development for individuals as well as recognising the trend of the team as a whole. For example, this is the point where you may realise that your top table overall is resistant to change. Competitive environments (as an example) usually demand an appetite for challenge. The job holder needs to keep plugging away, despite criticism and rejection. This may well be a key aspect; so when sourcing candidates, this element then becomes an essential, rather than just a desirable quality.


Detailed analysis of a person’s style, including their strengths and weaknesses, allows managers to better understand, and therefore guide, their team members. By gaining insight into each individual’s competencies, managers will be in a position to assign tasks and create collaborations so that maximum impact and efficiency can be achieved. 

When used as part of an employee’s personal development plan, our tool highlights areas where training and development will be most effective. This then has a knock on effect on the confidence, engagement and quality of output by an individual, since they are playing to their strengths and developing areas of natural talent.