What we do best

Using powerful insights and established patterns, we offer the following services

Eeny Meeny
Miny Moe

If you want to improve your selection success rate, you’ll want to explore the power of Elenchus performance predictors. This means you will only interview those candidates that have the potential to be your top performers.

Key People Diagnostic

The greatest challenge in running a business is not only making sure you have the right people, but also that they’re in the right seats. Our proprietary Matrix Report graphically illustrates a person’s job and company fit. This is a very powerful tool in turnaround situations. 

Strengths Academy

Organisational culture is a business’ secret weapon to success. Our one to one simulator sessions guide your employees so that they stay on side and on track. Sessions align various cultural aspects such as humility, resistance to change and resilience.


You may be in your mid 40s and questioning what life has in store. Or, you may be applying to go to university and want to ensure you’re going down the right path. Whatever your situation, we will guide you so that you have confidence you made the right choice.

Monkeys & Rhinos

Awareness workshops which will introduce you to the world of profiling that is easily digestible and simple to put into practice. Suitable for managers and supervisors, its applications include team building, job role specification and succession planning.