Changing people’s lives and giving them a sense of fulfilment is at the core of what we do. This happens when there is alignment between a person’s strengths and the role they perform. A nice ‘side effect’ of this is that it also makes the organisations employing such people a lot more profitable.

Our story

The realisation of the need to turn around underperforming teams was where it all started back in 1992. The key was reading people and understanding what made them tick; then marrying this up with what was required of them by the employer. Psychometrics was still in its infancy, but provided greater insight into what people were good at. What sets us apart is our ability to decode the role and understand what is required for a person to be fully effective.

Our Approach

We take the time to understand both you and the business needs. Utilising our proprietary set of questionnaires, pattern recognition and templates (generated by top performers) we are able to predict the potential in applicants. We use the same techniques to determine personal development plans for existing employees, earmarked for bigger challenges and we don’t stop there. Our workshops are run to help companies align their culture with their aspirations and the market needs.